Home Restoration in Blue Island, IL

Ask About a Full Gut Rehab for Your Home

Did you buy a home that saw its better days a long time ago? Is your current property outdated in more ways than you can count? Moraine General Contracting offers full gut rehabs with the goal of transforming your property into an entirely new space. We specialize in the restoration of:

Single-family homes

Two-unit properties

Multi-unit dwellings

We’ll demolish the house and improve everything from the ground up, interior and exterior. We can also reimagine the floor plan if you want an open space design. Call 708-408-0818 today to speak with a general contractor about home restoration in the Blue Island, IL area, including South Side Chicago suburbs.

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We have the skills to handle every part of a home restoration

Our experienced crew can take care of everything you need done to your home. In terms of exterior work, we can replace the roofing, windows and brick or veneer surfaces. We can install tile and hardwood flooring, as well as cabinets, appliances and vanities. If we take everything down to the studs, we’ll also update the plumbing and electrical.

Call Moraine General Contracting today to speak with a reliable home contractor in Blue Island, IL.